Your Home's Value

Ask yourself these questions, then let us help you answer them by providing you with a no obligation current market snapshot and home equity evaluation.


  1. How do actual selling prices compare to listing prices in my area?
  2. How are homes within a five mile radius selling?
  3. How many listed, but unsold homes are in my area?
  4. What can I do to increase the value of my home?

Market Snapshot

If you just want to get a feel for the market prior to selling in order to educate yourself on current pricing, etc., we can easily set you up with a MLS® straight feed that will give you a snapshot of current selling conditions. This can help you make an educated decision on pricing your home eventually and is provided as a courtesy to you.

Comparative Market Analysis and Home Equity Evaluation

A Comparative Market Analysis is a report prepared by a real estate agent comparing your property to similar properties on the market. Included in the report are homes currently for sale and homes recently sold through the local listings database and possibly For Sale By Owner (FSBO). It is NOT an appraisal, merely a free estimate of value based on your home's specific features/upgrades and condition of your home compared to other homes in your area.

Also, we can provide a more extensive evaluation of your overall situation, if you wish. This is called a no-obligation Home Equity Evaluation. Here we can actually visit your home and let you know what can be done to increase the value as well as let you know what projects might not need to be done. With years of experience in the area, we have been able to compile a reliable list of contractors, handymen, etc. to help you get started with any of the projects.

After looking at the tools listed above, we should be able to provide you with a realistic value of your home to help you determine the best price for selling.

Please provide the following information about the property you are considering selling below, and we will:

  1. set up your Market Snapshot feed that will update via email notification when anything changes in your specific market,
  2. and if you wish, get in touch with you to set up an appointment for the Comparative Market Analysis and Home Equity Evaluation.

Please let us know which steps you are interest in.

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